What Is Your Most Prized Book That Represents Your Birthday Month? POST & TELL! :-)

Professor Pecora


This post is intended to be "interactive" and fun! With that said, we all have books that we own in which were published during our birthday months! However, which book out of your personal collection is your most prized book published in that month, and the closest to the actual year you were born? What is the significance of the book to you?

For me, it is my copy of Wolverine Limited Series (1982) #2 CGC SS 9.9! The book was published in October of 1982, and I was born in October of 1978! Therefore, there was only a 4 year difference from the time I was born until the time this classic issue was published!

Moreover, this book means so much to me because Wolverine will forever be my favorite comic book character for LIFE! However, it gets deeper!

If we look back at Wolverine's very first appearance in existence, we have to venture back to October of 1974, where Wolverine appeared in a cameo on the last page of The Incredible Hulk #180! Once again, there was only a 4 year difference from the time Wolverine was brought into existence from the time I was born!

In essence, Wolverine and I are both October "babies!" :-) So when I look at this copy of Wolverine Limited Series (1982) #2 CGC SS 9.9, I feel "connected" in a special way! However, not only because it was published on my birthday month 4 years after I was born, but simply because this is the only 1 in the WORLD like it ... just as there is only 1 "me" in the world!

Furthermore, it is the highest graded representation of this issue, and it was signed by the legendary Stan "The Man" Lee, which elevates this book as the only Wolverine Limited Series 9.9 Signature Series in the world!

So these are the reasons this is my most prized CGC book from my personal collection that represents my birthday month! :-)


I can't wait to see scans of your most prized comic published on your birthday month, and your personal thoughts, comments, and/or reflections!


Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

-Professor Pecora


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