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Ideas for Enhancing CGC Competitive Sets: Page Quality Points

Professor Pecora


Does your favorite book contain White Pages, Off-White to White Pages, Off-White Pages, Cream to Off-White Pages or just plain Cream Pages?

This journal is going to focus on my proposal that the CGC should begin thinking about allocating points to each registered book according to its "page quality."

If page quality wasn't such a big deal, then why is it even noted on the CGC label for each professionally graded book?

If page quality wasn't important, why is it highlighted in professional online auctions, such as Heritage Auctions, where they will write a comment under the book's description like, "the CGC has designated this book with perfect page quality as is contains WHITE PAGES! Therefore, this is the finest example available!"

If page quality wasn't important, then why do I see a copy of The Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 9.8 with Off-White Pages sell for 12K, and 9.8 copies with White Pages sell for 14K - 18K?

If the market is so critical of "page quality," then why wouldn't the CGC initiate a page quality point system, to differentiate between the quality of books registered in sets with the same grade? After all, it is the CGC who classifies this information on the label of every book they graded ... so, why not?

For instance, let's say that two competitors are working vigorously towards completing their sets in the same set type with the highest possible points. Since I am primarily a Wolverine collector, I will use the set type, Incredible Hulk #180-#182 (Wolverine) for my example.

With that said, the highest graded copies of issues #180 and #182 are 9.8s. However, we are all aware that the highest graded copy of issue #181 is a Universal CGC 9.9, which there is only 1 copy on Earth and recently sold for 150K! Ok - definitely NOT attainable! We will be lucky if we even see it surface in the market within the next 10 years or so!

Back to discussing matters in a practical sense, the current top-ranked Incredible Hulk #180-#182 (Wolverine) set [Logan Gems: owned by iecarus], showcases a spectacular spread of 9.8s - all of which sport the prestigious CGC Signature Series gold label! This is quite impressive! However, NONE of these 3 books contain white pages!

In turn, my personal goal is to also attain all 9.8s of these issues and have them signed by artists and writers specific to these books. However, I typically only purchase books with WHITE PAGES! I already own a copy of I.H. #182 CGC 9.8 with White Pages, and I am currently working on paying off the only CGC 9.8 pedigree copy of I.H. #180 with White Pages! My final piece would be to acquire the I.H. #181 CGC 9.8 with White Pages and then have them all signed!

So then what ...? Will we just remain tied forever as owning the number 1 Incredible Hulk #180-#182 (Wolverine) set? This would be weird, because unless one of us were to somehow acquire the single I.H. #181 CGC 9.9, it is simply NOT POSSIBLE to gain any further points! Maybe we will eventually have "4" people tied for a number 1 ranked set!

This is why I think the CGC should begin allotting points for page quality and show the amount of points in ( ) next to the page quality description for each registered book! The importance of page quality in the marketplace should transcend in the CGC Competitive Sets, as we represent the community of the most hard-core collectors in the world!

I would suggest a 10-point system that may look as the following:

WHITE PAGES = 10 points


OFF-WHITE PAGES = 6 points


CREAM PAGES = 2 points

The CGC would still maintain their point system that calculates scores for Restored, Qualified, Universal, & Signature Series labels, that correspond to their ascribed CGC grades. Moreover, the page quality points would serve as "additional points," which would increase the odds of two competitors becoming stuck in a "dead end" situation - a "non-tiebreaker" scenario as described above.

I know that I am not the only CGC competitive collector who has shared these sentiments. I am hoping that others who share a similar view will support me in this theoretical CGC Registry enhancement, as it would make things more interesting, exciting, and ultimately more "accurately" competitive!

I would love to hear from others regarding this topic. Maybe we can have a strong enough response so that the CGC actually considers adding the Page Quality Point System in the near future!

Stay tuned for the next few journals I will be writing in regards to "Ideas for Enhancing CGC Competitive Sets."

"Page Quality Points" serves as Part 1 of a series I intend to author.

Thanks for reading!

-Professor Pecora

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