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Some pedigrees need to recheck the math...

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<h3>Just plain don't get you silver/bronze only collectors...<h3>

<p>I believe that that the content of classic comics before 1978-72ish is so inferior to today's  that the value that builds on their rarity is not structured logically. Now, I'm not saying that modern comics transcend the fact that they are ultimately cartoons (opinions aside). However, the content that makes up: artistic value <h7>(the drawings and ink jobs)<h7>, dynamics of dialouge <h7>(events, stories, relationships)<h7>, or initial exclusivity of <h7>(variant covers, dealer incentives, 9.x cgc/cb slabs<h7>, cant seriously be rivaled in terms of: <li>entertainment and enjoyment<li> <li>production value<li> <li>economic footprint. <h7>(at the time of the initial release of the book)<h7>.<li><p>


Please excuse my dear aunt markdown.


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Shows how subjective these things are.

Modern books are slick, but often seem soulless. I find computer coloring and other digital techniques have introduced a sort of uncanny valley into the experience of reading that is distracting.

Part of the joy of comics is that your imagination does the work to fill in details between panels.

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--i felt like the biggest insufficiently_thoughtful_person when i found out how much computer work people use on modern books-  i was touting peoples skills on how amazing they could draw particle effects and blurry motion-- only to find out its done with a mouse and keyboard-- not to diminish the skills of any current artists--  it is impressive what people can do now-  but adampasz said it perfect "Part of the joy of comics is that your imagination does the work to fill in details between panels"

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