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My Comic Book Room

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This year I think I will start cleaning up my books and think up what I want to put in the room. Too many stuff I have in boxes, and they need be placed in good display. Thinking to buy metal shelves to put all my short boxes stacked up to free up space. It might take me a year or so to get the room as what I have in mind. 

I had just started my special sketch project at FEV. I gave a blank comic book page (the kind of paper comic book artists do their work) to one artist. It will be finished by February later. It is going to be a unique project, where I will have many different artists put their work on the same page. I estimate the project will take me up to 5 years. I have a long list of artists in names. This is the centrepiece artwork for my comic book room. 

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I had brought some colour short comic boxes, the green colour. What I had in my mind is to create special short boxes for each major DC character. I brought few sticker decals, you know the iconic superhero symbols on their uniforms? That are what I am going do on front of short boxes. I am going to try do the Green Lantern short box. Then get other colour short boxes to do other character logos. 

Next year, it seems that I might be moving out again? I had detected early signs that the house I am living in, might be demolished... that I am not sure. My landlord won’t answer my question. Whatever it be true or not, I am going to start pack up my stuff now to be ready. 

I guess my comic book room project is on hold, but I can continue my short box project to clean up my collection better. Packing up my other stuff will free up space anyway. 

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With the Christmas holidays coming up. I got lot of free time for 10 days. I’m thinking to finish up bagging the new books and file them in boxes. Then I can visit my collection to clean up and record some books in my notebook. 

Good time to do now before I go do my booth in February. Maybe a couple photos to show some of my favourite books.

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Brought some new comic book boxes to replace the old boxes I had for years. And had brought Mylites 2 and full backs to upgrade with my books. This year will see at least all of my collection updated and upgraded to better standards. Probably will take me all summer to process through. 

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