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... my 2013 focus

My 2012 collecting started out with the Points Challenge ($100 to score 1000 points). Which morphed into $300 for 3000+ points, and kept me entertained for the first 6 months of the year. At the end of it I spent $335 and amassed 3500 points on my registry. By years end I had sold them all off and fell from just inside the top 1000 down to the 1400s...

Now here we are almost to 2013 (if the Myans are wrong) and Im changing gears and focusing on signature series. But this time nothing so mechanical as trading dollars for points, but rather feeding my childhood love of Green Lantern!

In the last month I've grabbed a few green Lantern Sig Series books, nothing high grade or high dollar, but nice signatures to have none the less. So my new goal for 2013:

Try to get at least one Sig Series book from each of Green Lanterns various artists, and if possible writers too. Some (Neal Adams I'm looking at you!) are easy to get because they live on the con circuit. Others, not so much, or impossible. I'm going to try to do both new book subs via facilitator (or other CGC friends) and book purchases (here on the boards and via ebay and other marketplaces).

I'll start off by posting some of the books I already have, and then talk about some of my main targets. Along the way I might even post some OA that goes along with my Lantern love.

So keep watching, I'll leave the lantern lit.



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