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The latest upgrades to my GI Combat set!!

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I had been eyeing some of these for a while so I finally put some of my extras on eBay to help fund the purchase. The first six were buys so I was able to negotiate a better price but the last two were auctions, so I paid dearly for them. There was someone who wanted them nearly as much as I did. All of them are the highest graded and five of them are the single highest graded. To view the set:

GI Combat 106 ft.jpg

GI Combat 107 ft.jpg

GI Combat 116 ft.jpg

GI Combat 123 ft.jpg

GI Combat 126 ft.jpg

GI Combat 132 ft.jpg

GI Combat 133 ft.jpg

GI Combat 48 ft.jpg

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Those are very nice.  I just picked up a 106 in CGC 9.0.

That 133 is impossible - I have never seen one above about VF.

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I've seen that 8.5 #76 on eBay and CLink for the last couple of years, one of two in that grade. I would love to have it but just a bit pricey for what it is in my opinion. Looks like he declined an offer of $825 on CLink some time ago. I have a 7.5 and I guess it will have to do for now.

GI Combat 76 ft.jpg

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It’s a shame that sellers of these great war books hold out for prices that have come and gone. 

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