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1st Comic was a Thor book

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My very first comic book was Thor #282. My stepdad got it for me when I was 5 going on 6 in April 1979. I was fascinated with the stories of Asgard and continued collecting Thor until I joined the Army January 5th, 1993. A lot of my collection was lost except for Thor #282. I started back up collecting comics in the Summer of 2000. Last year I sent my beloved book in to CGC to get pressed and graded. It came back a 9.0. I was very happy with the grade considering how long I have had that book in my possession.

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Thanks Rockblazer. I can't wait to get back from Afghanistan in December to start sending in my whole Thor collection to get graded to see what I get. 

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I totally agree comics4all. I hope to be able to pass my collection along to my 7 yr old so he can have a great story to tell about how he got started and expand on my very first comic. He goes through phases of liking comics one minute and then off to something else lol.

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