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Comic Books throughout the years.

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This month ... March 2018 ... has marked the end of my daily new comic book purchases that I had ordered and picked from the LCS every month or biweekly. That had went on for 44 years. Last week I had picked up my last new comic book with my other orders. Only one single comic book! Finished. I think back all the years I went into the store thrilled in getting my daily dose of new comic books, to read new stories and had fun. Not anymore now. It is strange but not disappointed because I can still get my hardcover volumes with reprinted classic stories, graphic novel books and other items at the LCS. So, I can still go visit the LCS a little longer. 

But this day marks the beginning of the end on my visits to the LCS. How longer will it last? That, I do not know until I have completed my collection. With the new comic books stopped ordered and closed, what is left for me? Good question. However, this chapter is done and closed, a new chapter begins.

What I know is that it means I am now totally focused on fulfilling my collection in finding pre-1975 books to fill up all the gaps. It means more trips to comic book cons and small shows in my region as far I can go if my budget allows.

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I think I stopped my new issues subscription about 9 years ago when cover prices went up and the Dark Horse cover price exchange rate was 1.50 to 1.60 for Canadian reader/collectors. Just funnel your $$ into back issues older than we are and you will be all right in the long run.

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