Mile High Providence!

Professor Pecora


Earlier today (8/2/13), I discovered a very interesting fact regarding my newly acquired X-Men #94 CGC 9.8!

The story begins with me conducting some online research regarding the sales trends of previous CGC 9.8 copies of X-Men #94.

I began the search by browsing through Heritage Auction's "archives" database, and I stumbled across a solid 9.8 copy and said, "Hey, that looks similar to my copy..." With some curious excitement, I looked at the serial numbers and carefully compared them, and no, that copy was not the copy I currently own!

Then, as I inspected that particular copy in further detail, I noticed that it was not as beautiful as my example; the corners were not as razor-sharp, the colors were not as bold and vivid, and it was also not as tightly wrapped!

From this point, I was now obsessed with scrolling through ALL of the previous X-Men #94's sold at auction in any grade, and I stumbled across another CGC 9.8 copy that again looked like my recent acquisition. Without any hesitation, I clicked on the book to get a closer view, and this one looked beautiful! Like I did previously, I cross referenced the serial numbers and this was a match! This was my copy that previously sold at auction for $12,547.50 (including the Buyers Premium) on February 24, 2011! WOW!

However, it gets even more interesting! As I scrolled down the original listing, I started to read the description, and to my surprise I was stunned when I read the following statement, which I am quoting directly:

"This particular copy is from the collection known as 'Mile High II,' and includes the certificate identifying it as such."

Here is the link to the Heritage Auction archive for your review:

Are you serious!!! My X-Men #94 originated from the prestigious Mile High II collection!! I was ecstatic!! I had no clue, as I obviously did not receive the original Certificate of Authenticity (COA) with the book! Further, I highly doubted that Robert of KEY Comics knew about it either, because he would have mentioned this in his original eBay listing.

At this point, I am hyped up and highly motivated to investigate the situation towards acquiring this COA! After all, I am the new proud owner, and I would like to have the documentation behind it!

My first point of reference was obviously Robert of KEY Comics, whom I purchased the book from. I shared my recent discovery with him, and provided the link to the original listing on Heritage. He responded within an hour, and was also completely surprised! He also had no idea that the CGC 9.8 example he sold to me originated from the Mile High II collection!

So he contacted the person whom he bought it from, and after an hour or so, he confirmed with me that the guy who sold the book to him, was indeed the individual who originally won the book from the Heritage auction on February 24, 2011! Now I was onto something! I felt confident that I would get that COA soon!

However, to both my surprise and Robert's surprise, the original buyer from Heritage also had no idea that the X-Men #94 CGC 9.8 he purchased was from the Mile High II collection, because he did not even read the book's description!! Therefore, the guy said he had no clue as to where the COA would be, as he was not even educated in terms of knowing what a pedigree comic is and even what to look for!

From this information, I contacted Heritage Auctions directly, and they said that the COA should have been shipped out with the book to the buyer at that time, and if he lost it that there was no way that they could replace it. However, they suggested that I simply print out the Heritage Auction original lot with the description, to use as a "Pseudo COA" since the serial numbers match identically. On that note, that was exactly what I did for the time being!

What is ironic or even symbolic for that matter, is that I currently reside in the Mile High City! I have direct access to meeting with Mr. Chuck Rozanski, the president of Mile High Comics, in person as I have previously, so I am going to plan a meeting with him in the near future, to see if he can generate a new COA to confirm that my X-Men #94 CGC 9.8 hails from that world-class collection! However, I will have to act soon, as I will be relocating to Atlanta, GA with my wife in exactly 2 weeks as of this writing! If for some reason I cannot make the arrangement, my Heritage Auction print-out should suffice!

Moreover - what a find! Now I can proudly showcase my copy as:

X-Men #94 CGC 9.8 OW/WP [Mile High II]!

In closing, this story is not quite completed, as you will have to wait until Monday evening or sometime on Tuesday, as I will be posting another MAJOR CGC 9.8 Acquisition that will truly embody and solidify the title of this journal entry..."Mile High Providence!"

So stay tuned... :-)

-Professor Pecora


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