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Krypton Comics

Entry posted by Get Marwood & I · - 115 views

I've lost track of the number of farts I've done here. Some of them would prise wallpaper off the wall if the owner could be bothered to put it up. Some very rewarding farting experiences here.

See you next time. 

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7 hours ago, goldust40 said:

All the way to Walthamstow to fart? That's dedication.

For the owner who told me "there aren't any Charlton pence copies", any distance is worth it to float an air biscuit. Tottenham, Walthamstow - Gazza could move to China and I'd fly out especially to drop one. 

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We have a Krypton here in Omaha.  I had Arby's and farted there last weekend.  Still like it 

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