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3 more sweet books added to the Cap collection!!



      As I was saying in my last entry, I was longing for my first Alex Schomburg war cover.  It came by way of the boards from a member who was willing to work with my on time payments in July of 2016.  I present to you Captain America Comics #33!!



      As you can see, this book has been restored (via a piece re-attached to cover with glue) and has a detached cover.  These are two characteristics I said I was going to stay away from except for the more expensive issues.  I would consider this one such issue.  Since buying this book I have decided to "lower my standards" if you will, for the books I decide to bring into my collection.  I still will strive for grades 2.0 - 4.0 but restoration and detached covers/centerfolds won't be an automatic denial for a given book.  Of course the exact amount of restoration will play a part and I'm still avoiding trimmed or brittle books.  This particular Cap #33 has very little restoration, presents wonderfully and has like new WHITE pages to boot!  I don't see myself getting another copy of this book for under $1,000 anytime soon.  There are two 1.0 graded books on the census but who knows if they present well at all.  I am super happy to own this book as it is one of my top five Cap covers of the entire run.  Issues #1-3 & #27 rounding out the top five.

      Which issue next I asked myself.  I needed just issues #72 & #78 to complete Cap #70 - #78 so I put my first WTB post up for a Captain America Comics #78 in September of 2016.  I got three people offering a copy right away.  I was pretty surprised!  Then, a board member reached out to me offering a quadruple signed CGC 3.0!


The signatures were from Stan Lee, Ayers, Joe Simon and John Romita!  I thought my triple signed Cap #73 was cool!

What was I going to have to give to this guy to make that comic mine?  A kidney and promising my first born child???

Luckily he just wanted cash and a trade for my raw Cap #76 I had bought on eBay the year prior.  After a couple weeks of messaging back and forth to meet at a price we were both comfortable with, it was mine!


      I would go on to pick up Cap #72 off eBay in November of 2016.  A CGC 1.8 which is the lowest graded copy on the census :shy:



That would be my last Cap issue purchased in 2016.  I now had 13 GA Cap issues (33, 44, 53, 66, 68, 70-75, 77 & 78).  The first issue I purchased in 2017 would be another Canadian copy off the boards...





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Unless you are made of money lightly restored Golden Age Timelys can be a bargain and well worth the cost.  I draw the line at anything over slight and color touch I tend to avoid but seriously, glue?  I do not get the difference between a drop of glue and tape for tear sealing other than the tape looks far worse.  I'll take a restored book that only has glue over one, marked not restored, that has tape everyday and twice on Sunday. :) 


Great books and congratulations!


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