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Sometimes you just shake your head



So...I'm looking through the books in the July 1st Heritage Sunday Comic auction and I see that there are three golden age Caps in there.  All raw and restored to various degrees.  The issue I'm most interested in is #65 which is an apparent VG- with slight color touch to cover and trimmed on all three sides.  Let me repeat that.  TRIMMED ON ALL THREE SIDES.  I think most collectors would agree that trimming is the worst kind of restoration a book can have since someone basically removed part of the book to make it look better.  That cannot be undone!  So I figured this book would go for "relatively cheap" since a 3.5 unrestored just sold for $685 in June of this year.  Maybe like $350-$400 I thought.  Nope.  The @%$# thing hammered at $600, which, after the buyers premium is $720!


I can only guess the winner doesn't care about trimmed books...which, I suppose some people...may not? (shrug)

Or maybe the winner just had to have the one cover where Cap slaps his partner?

Either way, I wasn't paying that for that book even though it was the next book I needed on my way down from issue #78 (besides #72).  There are 38 unrestored copies on the census (give or take a few).  It's not like there are 9 or even 19.  It will come up again!

After not winning that book (since I didn't bid due to the price already being above what I was comfortable with) it allows me to pursue others.  The hunt is most of the fun to me anyway.  With a limited budget, you have to choose your books carefully and cannot afford (literally) to overspend.

Keeping on track with the current series you are on can also be a challenge as well when you come across a beautiful book you want but buying it would slow down your main series collecting.  One such book last week was All Top Comics #16.  A 5.0 off-white to white pager was on eBay.  I was tempted to go after it as I love the cover.  It last sold on 6/6/16 for $825.  It was at $911 with under a minute left until it shot up to $1,336 in the last ten seconds!  A 61.7% increase in just over two years?!  Damn someone wanted that book! 


I did win a GA Cap book from the most recent ComicConnect auction which is on its way to me now.  I'll post it as soon as it arrives!



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Matt Baker is Matt Baker. That is all matters they care about.

I just have only three of them. Enuf is Nuff for me.

Congrats on your recent winning book.

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On 7/5/2018 at 3:21 PM, Knightsofold said:

Are any Caps below $500 now?

Not many!  When I first started collecting this series, $500 or under was my goal for a lot of the issues.  Obviously that wasn't going to happen for the earliest issues or the Schomburg war covers but it was doable for the most part.  Now, it's difficult to achieve on any issue.  Even these random issues toward the end that I have started with.  Prices are going up across virtually all comic books and for popular series like Captain America it's even worse.   It looks like I'm going to have to either dip below my 2.0 grade threshold, as well as accept trimmed/brittle books or limit myself to 2 - 3 books a year.  Even then, these 1.0 - 1.8 books can get crazy on eBay.  Right now there's a Cap #13 1.0 slightly brittle pages at $1,550.  It is a very popular cover and it presents well for a 1.0 but I know its going to hammer for ~$2,000 when someone paid $2,383 22 months ago for a 4.0 off-white copy.  Competition for these low graders is fierce!

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