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Just thought I would start a journal showing any pickups of comics or sundries lol

All nonsense encouraged


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Collected Rom growing up and loved the series, only missing issues 69, 75 and Annual 4 having the complete run, underrated in my opinion (shrug)





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Big fan of Planet of the Apes, once had the mego's, the Tree House, Village and Battering Ram 





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On 7/25/2018 at 1:26 AM, Azkaban said:

I think this was the second purchase I made on the boards about four years ago from boardie @drbanner this sweet looking copy of HOS 92



I missed my chance for a high grade like this! Great looking book. I think my budget would stipulate lower grade now. But it is on my list. I have the original run. Love Wrightson

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3 hours ago, Azkaban said:

last X-man I picked up this is for @shadow




Nice! I bought a nice copy from Bob Storms a few years back. I remember him recommending it due to Steranko and being a 9.2. Nice looking collection!

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found these looking thru one of my boxes today, some of my old mail order catalogs from 1980. Check out some of these prices





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X-men 1 for $150

Tomb of Dracula 10 for $2.50

Werewolf by Night 32 $8.00 about where it should be 2c




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