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Incognito Comics

Entry posted by Get Marwood & I · - 255 views

Hello and welcome to my thirteenth entry under the 'Comic Shops I've Farted In' overarching journal heading. I do like my headings to overarch. They say that 13 is 'unlucky for some'. Well it was certainly unlucky for Incognito Comics because this is how many cheese chunders I counted on my last visit. That's the last time I take my Nan to a comic shop, I'll tell you that for nothing! I won't charge you.

Any way, she made the place uninhabitable for a good half an hour. No more cheesy quavers for you Nan I said on the bus home (on which she dropped a further four air biscuits I hasten to add. Come to think of it, has anyone ever added slowly? Why all the haste all the time?).

It's true what they say about the old ones. They smell of wee.

As this is my final entry (ooh missus!), I won't say 'see you next time' as that would make me a liar. And nobody likes A Liar! Except Barry Liar, who loves his wife Ann dearly.

So, that's that. Thanks for reading.



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