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Sci-Fi before the Space Age



...when all we had was our imaginations

So I've recently embarked on a new collecting area, that of Golden Age Sci-Fi. When I first re-started collecting a few years ago I had a few GA Sci-Fi books, but then turned my attention elsewhere.

But now I'm back.

I'm going to use this journal to 1) show books I've added to my collection and 2) document books I might be targeting. My end goal is to have an example from each Sci-Fi themed title from the Golden Age, and some examples of non-Sci-Fi GA titles that happen to have a particularly Sci-fi themed cover.

As heretical as it may sound, I'm not all that interested in EC books. I think the art on the covers is amazing, and the stories are too (I've read most of them in reprints over the years), but for some reason the book cover layout (with the big title taking up the top 1/4 of the book) just feels boring to me when I see them (compared to non-EC counterparts). Im sure I'll get around to owning some of them, but right now they aren't tickling my fancy.

What I am interested in is pre-spacerace images of space. I love the idea that before 1966 we had not seen photos taken from "deep space" (beyond our earth orbit), and that our ideas of "outer space" were still fantastical. Artists and writers created alien landscapes, creatures, and amazing starships to fill this void of information, and I love them.

By the time we reached the 60s space was far more realistic, and we knew the nuts and bolts of how to travel there, even if we hadn't done it yet (FF #1 from 1962 had a relatively realistic rocket takeoff to space). But before the 60s it was still a place of wonder, and that's what I've decided to focus on, pre 1960 Sci-Fi comics.

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Well it's time to bring this thread back from the old forum grave yard!


Golden Age (or Atomic Age if you wanna be a stickler) Sci-Fi has been shooting up in value in the last year. One book that I bought in 2015, sold for double in 2016, and by 2017 it had doubled again, and now in 2018 a CGC 2.5 copy is selling for more than I paid (at the time in 2015) for my CGC 6.5 copy. To make matters worse, even just finding copies for sale/auction is tough. Typically in a give CLINK/HA auction there are just a couple of books on my radar that might sell for my budget.... 

After some tough negotiations back in April I picked up this lovely book.



LB Cole. Alien landscape. Actual Aliens. Space Ships. Planets. This comic has it all!

Plus all those colors and the design that comes with a Blue Bolt comic!

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