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The Clutter!



People request sets, then don't fill them.

Have a look at this list:

Adam Strange (1990)

Adventures of Captain America

Adventures of Kool-Aid Man

Adventures of the Jaguar

After the Cape


Alarming Adventures


Alien Legion (1987)

Alien Legion - Mini-Series

Alien Pig Farm 3000

All-Famous Crime

Alpha Girl (Image)

Amazing Adventures of the Escapist

Amazing Spider-Man Canadian Price Variants

Amazing Spider-Man 129 Foreign Editions

Amazing Spider-Man UK Editions (15-120)

America's Funniest Comics


Andy Devine Western

Angel Spotlight

Annihilation 1-4 w/ Variants

Animal Mystic

Annie (1982)

Aphrodite IX Volume 2

Aquaman (1989)

Archie #401-#599

Archie Digest First Issues

Archie's Pals 'N' Gals

Arion Lord of Atlantis

Avengers UK Editions (1-100)

Avengers Forever

Back to the Future Harvey

Bat-Hound (Ace)

Batman 227 Foreign Set

Batman Beyond (1999)

Batman: Manbat

Bat-Mite Set

Bat-Woman and Bat-Girl (Kathy and Betty Kane)

Beautiful Killer

Big Questions

Bionic Man (Dynamite)

Black Adam (2007)

Black Panther (1998)

Black Summer

Blackstone, the Magician

Blaze Carson

Blood of the Demon (DC)

Body Bags (Dark Horse)

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Brian Pulido's Lady Death: Lost Souls

Brian Pulido's Medieval Lady Death

Brightest Day

Bubble Funnies

Bullwinkle and Rocky (Marvel)

These represent 55 set requests added to the Register under "A" and "B" which are absolutely empty. None are marked "new" or "updated."

I'm sure the list from C-Z of requested sets with nothing in them would be quite long. Here's my question: Why request a set, then put nothing in it? Are people requesting sets they themselves have no intention of dealing with? If so, Why? Think of how much time and effort was wasted in creating these 55 empties -- and that's just under A and B. There are hundreds of other empties as well.

The moral of the story is this: request sets, by all means, but don't waste everybody's time by having sets created that you yourself aren't interested in. Without a doubt this would cut the set creation time down dramatically. Food for thought.

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