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When is your comic your comic?



When you buy it, it's yours!

On more than one occasion I have made a comic purchase via ebay in which the seller of the comic refuses to relinquish ownership (i.e. in the Registry) until the comic has physically arrived in my hands. Despite my emailing them personally with a courteous request to remove the book from their set, nothing happens until after the tracking info shows a successful delivery.

This is nonsense.

When a person buys something -- anything -- it is the property of that person from the moment the money changes hands. When my cash goes into your Paypal account, it becomes your cash. At that instant, the comic is mine. I have paid for it, and you have accepted my payment. Where the comic is physically at that moment is irrelevant. I now own it. It is now your, the seller's, responsibility to deliver my property to me safely, but it is not your comic you are shipping, it is my comic.

Think of it this way: when you've checked out at the grocery store, your groceries belong to you. They no longer belong to the store, and people cannot come by and shop from your cart as you make your way to the car. Once paid for, the groceries are yours, despite the fact that you're still in the store.

The same principle is at work with CGC comics, with a car, a piece of furniture, with ANY purchase.

The moral is this: Be courteous to your fellow collectors: when you've sold a comic from your set, and the buyer has paid, release the cert number so that the new owner may put their new comic in their set. It's just common courtesy. Remember: once you've sold it AND it's been paid for, it is not yours, no matter where it is.

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