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One Man Comic Business

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You too can start a comic business!

Basic Journal to note my experiences buying and selling comics. Your mileage may vary if you replicate or emulate any of my experiences. But the enjoyment I've gotten out of this hobby and how I've approached it is something I thought I'd share.

First, a little background. I collected back issues in the mid 1980s mostly in the Boston area spending my paper route money on 1960s Spidermans and 1970s Xmen. I won't bore you with those details but formative years are formative years. Kept my books through college and an 8 year stint in the Army and then went to grad school. I now work in finance making a comfortable living supporting a wife and 4 young girls.

While in business school I wanted to apply what I was learning to buying and selling comics. I did do this with comics and baseball cards in the 1980s by renting a flea market table and setting up my wares. Fun stuff but I remember it being more work than profit. So basically I put the word out that I was buying collections and received a couple of calls. Indeed, bought a couple of nice collections - mostly 1970s. Date was around 2001 to give you an idea of where the market was. CGC was still new but basically established. Ebay was all guns blazing and I had a year or two of ebay experience buying and selling.

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what happened?  Some sorta new feature that's not backwards compatible with the old journal format?  At least it's still readable, hate to lose it- Ed's is the only journal I follow.

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The link works and will likely work for as long as the boards are around.  Kind of loses some of the umph if it's in two places.  I may spend the time to post the pages here so there's continuity.  It's not too much work just a pain.  

May need to save on my personal computer too. Thank you for the props MNL.

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Here's a fun little call I received.  Retired lady called and her mother is moving out of her house, downsizing.  They came across her fathers comics and toys from the 40s and 50s.  She knows little about them and the house is well out of town, so not in front of her.  Her mother is going to go their Nov 15 and she is going there the 19th.  She asked if her grandmother should take pictures of the books to text or email me.  In a perfect world I would love that but no.  Do not have your 80 year old mother manhandle 1940s original owner raw books.  I also stated, that when she get there, the less handling the better.  I don't really need pictures just let me know the titles and issue numbers.  

She said there are two stacks about 40-50 in total.  She thinks there was an Archie.  So it really may not be much at all.  Even with Archie,if ti's mostly Disney and other Kiddie books in VG - maybe $1000 total.  She said that they aren't in the best shape, pages yellowing stuff like that.  I always love when an original owner critiques their own books.  It's often a sign that the books are in stellar condition.   

The toys are probably cap guns and train sets.  Sucks to have to wait a few weeks which introduces about 8 different ways I can lose a deal.  But these are great calls to get.


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