To Display or to Store - that is the Question!



Thank you Chris Faulkner

I've always found storing and displaying comic book slabs very challenging. Always seems like a difficult trade-off, ie keep 'em stored away im boxes or frame and hang 'em, etc.

When I saw Chris Faulkner's You Tube uploaded comic book glass drawer storage system, it suddenly dawned on me: "Yes, this is it, this is EXACTLY how I would like to both store & display my slabs."

Had my buddy make this one for me, just recently completed. Display + storage rolled into one. 6 x 4 drawer type shelving which can hold approximately ~750 slabs (or a combination of slabs, raw books, TPB's/HC's, etc). What I really like about the glass front cover is that it allows me to change & rotate slabs I'd like to display etc.

It's been a personally wonderful 2014 for me especially in the CGC collecting space, and this shelf/drawer was a great cap to the year. I wish you all the best in your collecting journeys in 2015!

Thanks for reading and happy collecting guys!


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