I need you feedback Pt. II



The results are in.

I just want say Thank you to all the people who contributed their ideas and opinions to my Journal post the other day and the outpouring support and ideas from all of you made me see how great this hobby really is and that's why I love it so much.

As I was going through my CGC boxes of my early ASM's I took them out one by one from my first box starting with número uno. I looked at it for a minute and thought about it and thought about what SW3D mentioned and it was a good point so I put it to the side and decided to pick out two more. My limit was from #1-50 so then I looked at my #16 which came recommended by Hammershipdown. Also a great suggestion and so I put it to the side with the no.1 and finally I picked #20 and pulled it to the side with the others and looked at all 3 side by side and it just came to me that #16 was the most sentimental one to me because of the fact that it was one of my fist silver age comics I had purchased of ASM and that I hand picked it out back in 2008 at the Big Apple con. I paid $150 for it from a dealer named Dave from Northcoast Nostalgia who is Originally from Cleveland Ohio. I was fairly new to CGC and I had submitted it right there at the show. The book came back a 6.5 which I thought was great considering I bought it for a great price and it still is a great book. So Amazing Spider-man #16 has been chosen to be my issue of choice to be signed by Stan Lee this Sunday at the Altantic City comic con and of course graded by CGC but I think I will have it pressed by CCS after the signing to possibly get a better grade because I would love it if the book would be at least a 7.0 when it comes back to me.

Once again I want to thank you all for the great suggestions and of course I will be keeping you all posted in the future with all the results and progress of the signing and grading of the the comic and of course the final grade with some pics to follow.

Thanks for reading.


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