The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC, part four



Sorry this took so long.

Okay, I'm back with part four. Sorry it took so long but I got the chance to go hiking in upstate NY for a week and the comics came back the day I was to leave. If your new to the series of posts please read the first parts to see what's going on. The first book to look at will be the Gang Busters #6. CBCS graded as 9.4 with white pages. I was thinking it would hold that grade but maybe have OW to white pages. CGC sent it back as a 9.2 with white pages. I guess I can live with that as there is a tiny bend with color break on the right top corner. CGC did add the name of Win Mortimer as a artist which CBCS didn't have. All in all not bad as I only spent $76 for it. Seemed like a fair price for a book from 1948. This was also the first time that I could see the grader notes on a submission I sent in. They're okay but they only show what's wrong with the cover. That's something I can see for myself. I'd rather know what wrong with what I can't see, the inside. Maybe they do that and this book didn't have anything wrong inside but neither did the other three books. Give me a few more days and I'll do the next book. That's the one with the trimmed cover. (CBCS got in touch with me over that one, be sure to read the next one)


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