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..., or please welcome, here's, ..

The third 9.8..

of R. Crumb's Best Buy Comics....On my last invoice, 12043070ab, I pulled 3 9.8s.... The 2. No 2, (2 #2, (Keith Green/S. Clay Wilson) Modern, 1204307010, 9.8, WHITE, (CGC Book 137)) was one, and.. Mr. Natural No 3, (Mr. Natural #3, Kitchen Sink Enterprises, Modern, 1204307011, 9.8, WHITE, File Copy, (CGC Book 138))was another, but THIS ONE.... isn't showing now, but.... *** This one has an infinity cover, and got FILE COPY status, as well. Of course, if it weren't for Don Donahue, himself, I wouldn't be with this book. It.. IS.. a.. FILE COPY from the publisher. I lived on Dwight Way when I bought this from Don.... That was when he lived on AdelineStreet, above Scooby's Toys.... (I would call Don, AND send him an order with payment, with the request to 'will call' it, and save the time, and avoid possible damage in shipping. It was going to the same town, that is Berkeley, only a few blocks over.... Okay, ... quite a few, nevertheless....)My Advice? Don't text and walk, but.. KEEP ON TRUCKIN' !!!16861.jpg.4f94d860a0386c38620998a917ceca5f.jpg


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Dear Sir, Madam, (Mollie Davis), 

I am writing to you again, but I'm not sure IF .. I wrote 

to you before requesting this COMPETITIVE SET.

Nevertheless, .. I AM writing to request that you .. 

'PLEASE, pretty please', 

add .. 'BEST BUY COMICS' .. as a competitive set. 

{There are three different editions/PRINTINGS .. 

[:  a .. $1.00 cover price, WITH INFINITY cover*, 

a $1.25 cover price, WITH INFINITY cover*, and 

a $2.50 cover price, NO infinity cover**], 


Thanks, in advance, for your attention. 

Sincerely yours, kent s.

*denotes CERTIFIED COPIES exist, of FIRST, 
and SECOND printings 

** denotes NO certified copies EXIST, of 3rd print 

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