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Running for Tecs



Completing Tec 27-53

hello all...

well, I have done it....why?, I love Batman, always have, always will...what? completed my Detective comics Run, issue 27-53....cost? let's put it this way, I sold my favorite Ferrari to help fund my "passion"...the books....well, the 27 was bought unrestored 1.0, and Matt Nelson is restoring now...28 is a restored 8.0, but looking for an unrestored...I now own 3 copies of 29, upgrading each time (have a 5.5 slight, a 6.5 mod, and a 7.0 ext)...still working on a lower grade unrestored copy...have 2 #30's (had 3, but traded one away)...restored 9.0, and unrestored 4.0...#31...one restored 8.0, one unrestored 5.0...my 32 is a 5.0, 33 is a 4.5, 34 is a 3.0 (recent heritage purchase)...35 is a 5.5 ext (working on an unrestored now)...36 is a restored 8.0 (cosmic aeroplane copy)...my 37 is 2.5, my 38 is a restored 6.0 (will get an unrestored one soon)....39-53 all unrestored, varying from 4.0 to 8.0....a passion, indeed....but, now that I am "done", what do I do? (after all, the hunt is a lot of the fun)...I guess I upgrade and sell my under copies...I do have a nice restored #1...maybe I will work backwards...

go Gators!




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