Getting Joy from disappointment.



Today I'm happy again.

Back in March of this year I posted on to the journal about my trip to the AC/BC comic con and about how I paid for a V.I.P experience with my family to meet Stan Lee for a photo op and signature with the legendary writer and creator of Spider-man. I recall asking my fellow CGC'ers for your advice on which book I should have him sign. Unfortunately Stan Lee cancelled but the Organisers of the show failed to inform the fans who were attending the show that he wasn't going to be there. So you can imagine my dissapointment and frustration considering I purposely skipped going to WW Philly because of the AC/BC con. Never doing that again.


Even though I was dissapointed I decided to make the most of it, so instead of having Stan Lee sign my ASM #16 & #121 I decided to give them to CGC and have them pressed and re-graded. My ASM#16 was a 6.5 and the 121 was an 8.5 so I had a feeling if I gave them in I would get a better grade and I did! My #16 came back a 7.0 & 121 came back a nice 9.2 so kudos to CCS off gif great work!

Thanks for reading.


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