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Weaving the Web: Building a Complete AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Run

Entry posted by Wall-Crawler · - 749 views

A noble quest to build an Amazing Spider-Man collection


As my board name suggests, I am a Spider-Man fan. I have been since I was a youngster. I started actually collecting at around age 14. Pushing 40 now - Where does the time go? I basically took 7-8 years off from the hobby though, from right after high school all the way through university and didn't start really again until about 2004/05.

Once I got back into the hobby, I checked out a bit of everything but I also decided to start to collect the ASM's that I "missed"...Later, I also "discovered" CGC and this message board and wow, mind blown! I learned that I knew nothing but I think I have learned a lot since my time here and continue to do so. I learned about so many other cool books and I started to dabble in a bit of everything, mostly super heroes still, but I was a bit "scattershot" for awhile.

I have discussed "collection focus" many times with fellow boardie and friend, dontfeedthemonkeys. One of the things I recently decided, was that I would like to "return to my roots" and try to build and complete a run of Amazing Spider-Man. I like to think that I have a pretty decent ASM collection, but I know it pales in comparison to the top registry sets. Most of my collection is raw though.

To complete the run, as of this writing, I need:

#1 - #38


#43 - #45

#47 - #49


By my count, a total of 46 ASM issues and obviously some of the most expensive ones. To accomplish this goal of getting the whole run, I will not be looking for uber grades, particularly with regards to non-keys. In the past, I have been too hung up on the grade. I have to get over this a bit for financial reasons if I want to have any hope of completing the run.

My main criteria will be that they be complete (unrestored) and present nicely for the grade. For first appearances, I will likely be looking for slabbed copies and unslabbed for non-keys.

This journal will detail my pick ups, set backs, purchases other than ASM that will 'take funds away' from accomplishing this goal (and I know there will be some) and general discussion concerning completing the series.

If anyone cares, that is ;)

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Still hate new journals but figure I would offer brief update.

The update is no new acquisitions for my personal ASM collection that are "noteworthy".  I had a "slip" and picked up some modern JSC ASM #800 variants instead of continuing to save for those silver age books I need, but back on course.  For those who follow my other journal about my adventures as a  seller you will have read that I have been using some of the profits of sales from mostly what I would consider "common" or "non keys" (which I normally put a portion back into buying ASM books I need), instead into other keys to "hold and sell later". I have also been saving too though :)

The downside is...I am finding that it is peaking my interest level again and that I am "reminded" of how many great books are out there and with the price points of AF #15 and now ASM #1...It hurts to see what else is out there but I am sticking to it, I am "close" to "completing the run"...Like around 25 issues now (excluding variants and annuals) all of the Lee/Ditko era too.

So, to start off the "new format", my current personal Top 5 and grade range are:

  • AF #15 (will have to be low grade)
  • ASM #1 (likely low to mid grade)
  • ASM #9 (7.0/7.5 range)
  • ASM Annual #1 (7.0/7.5) grade
  • ASM #4 (6.0 range)

I am going to try to stick to earlier advice too, keep plugging away and saving for a low grade (but nice looking) AF #15, then ASM #1...I might "deviate" if I were to come across a "killer deal" but the AF #15 is the primary goal.  Current issues needed to complete the run:

AF #15, ASM #1, #2, #4, #5, #7 - #12, #16 - #19, #21 - #24, #27, #29, #30, #32, #35, #38


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Repost from main thread:

I was able to meet Stan Lee at Toronto Fan Ex several years ago...Ugh...Nearly a decade now (wow), Toronto Fan Ex 2010...

I waited in line for hours, then had to be re-booked for a second try due to the overwhelming number of people who wanted a photo op.  I toughed it out and got my spot for the second try. Even though I only had time to exchange a few brief words with him, it was worth it. I also got to sit in on a panel where he talked about his life and work...This was back when he was healthy and vibrant, so it was a great experience and one I hope to be able to remember for a very long time.

Excelsior Forever!

Here are a my Stan Lee CGC SS books (not for sale) - Feel free to share your CGC Stan Lee SS books and/or stories!


ASM #42.jpg

Marvel Age Stan Lee.jpg

ASM #39.s.jpg

ASM #50.jpg

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