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Where is my head at ? Where am I going with this



Journey - What and where am I going with this

Where to go with myself in comic book collecting? I find myself wanting everything in this hobby and dust bunnies inside of my wallet. Don't get me wrong I have put together a very nice collection since getting back in the hobby a little of 4 years ago. I find myself at a cross roads now, with the question/thought pounding in my head of what to do next. Buy what I want now or save for the big ones.

A little back history on me first for the board members that don't know me. My name is Jim and I'm a CGC addict. I collected comic books when I was younger just like most kids but I got involved in sports and that meant baseball cards. Boy, I wish I could go back in time and say to myself " Stay with comic books, Buy that Amazing Fanstay #15." I love the walking dead, watch the show religiously, well the show after that most people seem to dislike is Comic book Men, well one day watching it they were talking about comic books and the prices. Well that really peaked my interest. Let me look in the closet and see if I have anything worth lots of money. Well i didn't, most of the books stayed in the same bag and were taken to the local good will store a week later. I did keep one book though, it was Batman #500. Now people might ask why Batman #500? Well I bought that comic and stood in line for about an hour when I was younger to get that book signed by Doug Moench. Who back then I had no idea but it was a big deal going on at the local mall that day and I needed to be a part of it. I guess you can say Batman #500 brings back memories.

Well fast forward a little while and I started to search through eBay for walking dead comic books and came across these books incased in plastic, I thought they were cool looking an protected the book, so i bought my first book. Well that was like taking a hit a crack!!! And the addiction started. At first I tried and collect the whole series of the walking dead , every issue. Mad a major bone head mistake when I started trying to collect them all, was in New York for the weekend and went into midtown Comics ( the one with the steps upstairs ), well the had issue #1 behind the register for a price of $50, i thought to myself well thats a lot because the book has a 3 or 4 dollar price tag, and I found a Omnibus in the back that collected issues #1-48 for $60. Me thinking that I was being smart passed on the #1 and bought the omnibus. DUH. !!

Well i'm going to try and start this journal because I want some feedback to the madness, that goes through my mind sometimes. I am having a tough time deciding on what to do with my collection sometimes. There are a few books that I would really want one day, but with price increases are going to be unobtainable very shortly, and I would always cruse myself for not buying them sooner. Then there are books I want to have. The problem is what to buy first, what to buy , what to buy???

There is two things in comic books I like, it's the Walking Dead and Batman Comic books, and I should say its more of the batman Villains then batman himself. Now you can see in my signature line there is only one batman books (232) Ras Al Ghul, it was the first book I bought on these boards when I started. It is the one book that I will not part with, or try to upgrade.

Big Key Books that I would love to own and the order in which I would purchase them

Tales of Suspense 39 - my goal for this year 2016

AF 15

Hulk 1

Showcase #4 only putting this in here because I have been on a flash kick lately, Really digging the flash because of that TV show

Now Books That I want to own





#181 With #234 being the only book in say 9.2, the others I wouldn't mind owning in say 7.5 or higher. Besides 121 5/0-6/0 ish



Detective #359

Now this journal will be updated with LCS Stops random Ebay listings and just maybe ramblings down the road. If I can't keep up with it, Sorry for wasting your time



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