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Where is my head at ? Where am I going with this



LCS trip

Went to the LCS on Wednesday, grabbed my copy of the Walking Dead #151 and Batman Europa #4. Looked around the shop for awhile, there was one book that I wanted but here is a little back story to my LCS. They are overpriced !! Everything in the shop. They had a VG copy of Detective Comics #359, price tag a whooping $500. Now I know the book is on the rise but for $500 I would want a nice 6.0. Shop also had about 3 copies of NM 98 in VF+/NM-, for prices of $400 and $600 a graded copy 9.2 for $550. I have no idea where these prices come from sometimes, and the shop is one of those shops that don't except offers. I made offers all the time for slightly under going rate or right at what GPA would be. Makes shopping there sometimes very difficult.

Last night missed out on a Batman #22 CGC 3.5, with about 12 seconds left the bid was at $170, I figured someone would try to grab the book right at or right under $200. So i placed a bid of $209.79 or something like that, lost out with 1 second left. If i only checked GPA on that book would have put a max bid right around GPA 260-270. Well there will always be another book.

Tell next time



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