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Where is my head at ? Where am I going with this



Thoughts of possible new purchase

So I have decided to sell some books and make my collection a little smaller, roll those books into 1 book worth more money. Just thinking what book it should be.

Batman 121 - 1st appearance of Mister Freeze. Reasons I want this. I love batman villains, have a few of their first appearances and want them all. I will buy the major villains not all of them, and when I'm done with the villains I want to move to early detectives.

Flash 139 - 1st appearance of Reverse Flash. I have a CGC 4.0 and with this book I would like to upgrade, a recent CGC 8.0 went for $1,150. So both books are in the same price range. Ever since the TV show as corny as the first 6 or so epodes were, the show got really good. Tom Cavanaugh plays the Reverse Flash in Season 1, what an actor. I really didn't know to much about Flash books in general but ever since the show, I have been hooked on the Flash.

I don't know what book I will get, I have feelers out for both books. I'm leaning towards the Batman 121 since I think the price of Flash 139 is a little inflated right now, but I will keep the journal updated.

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