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Tales from the Comic Box: Rookie Adventures in Buying/Selling & Setting Up at Shows

Entry posted by Wall-Crawler · - 1,356 views

Adventures and musings about Buying, Selling and setting up at Conventions and Shows

I participated in my first ever show last October. You can read about it here: http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=8903742#Post8903742

I was pleased with my sales, it was an excellent learning experience and most importantly, I had a great time. I must have did "ok" as I was invited back by the show organizers.

In my town, there use to be a larger two day Antique Show, but with the sale of the local Legion (where that event was held), the Antique Show organizers asked the organizers of the Collectibles Show to "take over"...I think this is a good thing, merging the two shows.

The first show under the new 'brand' is scheduled for Sunday, April 17th, 2016. Moving forward, the plan is to have a regular two day show in October.

For as long as there is some degree of interest I will share my experiences, good and bad. I also look forward to any new comments and tips from more seasoned sellers. Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for reading!

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Glad you had fun at the Toronto show.

Once a you start selling rather than just being a dealer your thought process likely changes.  You realize how common a lot of those run filler books are and how much effort it requires to sell them versus keys, semi keys and GA books.  I also know that that average book will eventually pop in a collection I buy so why go looking for it.  I also have so many longs of comics piled up in the basement and feel no reason to add to the pile.

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So I recently "walked away" from a potential pick up.

I was negotiating a deal was for a fair sized lot of various Sideshow exclusive statues.  Now this was an area I don't have a lot of knowledge about but determining average selling price per piece was, for the most part, not too difficult thanks to ebay completed sales.

Ultimately, I walked away.  The price per piece we negotiated was fair but there would have been a fair bit of $$$ tied up and while I could have made money, I decided not to do the deal because:

A) High likelihood I would have a great deal of difficulty selling them locally.

B) I don't do that many shows and while they may make good "eye candy", again would be worried about transportation, potentially getting damaged and taking up a fair amount of space - And I still have a lot of comics to move.

C)  The worry about shipping.  They are expensive to ship and any kind of damage or return scenario could rapidly eat into my margins.

D) The cash invested may not be recuperated as quickly as I would want.

I had been negotiating with a person whom I have dealt with many times in the past. He was basically wanting to move them to pick up more/new ones.  I was intrigued at the potential pick up when first approached about it but after weighing all the pros and cons, decided against it.  He understood and our relationship is still intact as we never finalized a deal anyway.

Bottom line, I decided I would rather get one or two bigger keys with smaller margins and possibly even hold than a small collection of expensive statues...If I owned my own store or did more cons, outcome would likely have been different, but in the end, I just didn't fee comfortable with this particular investment.

I did pick up some prints though...

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