CGC or the Other Guys...



First off let us state who the other guys are. If they are not CGC, then they are the other guys.

I have posted books on social media. And the one thing that was a real turn off is that if I posted a book by the other guys it was ridiculed and deemed a gift grade, no matter what the grade was. If it was a 9.2, CGC never would have graded it that high, or an 8.5...WHAT???? With that grease marker... A 9.9... They are giving you a gift. If it was graded by CGC there was unadulterated praise. A Gem Ten...Wow, CGC really knows what they are doing.


I even experimented a little to see the difference between CGC and the other guys. The results don't matter here, what matters is how another CGC fan boy treated the situation. After that happened I felt betrayed. I lost the impetus to share anything and everything about the grading community. Then the things in my personal life were occurring, the most heart wrenching was the death of my closest friend, my confidant, my sounding board.

The thing is no matter who graded the book, we all forgot that it was the book in the first place we desired. If CGC never opened their doors in January of 2000, if grading was still argued over the convention floor, if you had to trust the auction sites to not only accurately grade the book, but to be honest about it, then it comes down to the original material at hand, the comic book itself.

I had a book graded by CGC a 9.2, after a signature was added, it was an 8.0. The drop of the grade hurts in two ways, one financially and the other is ego. Can I praise a lower grade book? Can I scream from the roof tops that I have it? Can I look past that it is only an 8.0. Damn straight I can. Will I have it signed and pressed? Yes, I will. Will I be happy if it goes up? Damn straight I will. Will I be happy if it drops... Well, what does that matter? It's the book that is what collecting these things are all about, graded or not, by CGC or... well by CGC or the other guys.

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