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My Top 50 (New book added on 10-12)

Entry posted by Comicsarefun · - 829 views

My days of collecting anything and everything are over. After accumulating almost 100,000 comics (most of them worthless), I decided to strip my collection down to 50 comics. The 1st 30 keepers were pretty easy, but it got much harder as I got toward #50. This journal will document my "One in /One out" strategy of collecting from this day forward. I added scans of all 50 comics, so I can sift through my comics without having to get them out of safe storage.  I have new additions on the way, so I will share my thought process on each one I kick out. This is primairly for my amusement, but feel free to comment on the decisions that I make!


Scan_20180906 (8).png

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Well, I'm impressed.

That's an amazing cross-section of books, from gold to silver on into bronze, with first appearances, classic covers, price variants, personal favorites and that occasional "just because it's so cool" issue.

I can't imagine narrowing my junkpile down to 50 (and I have nowhere near the high-grade stuff that you have), so I can only imagine how difficult it was for you - bravo!  :applause:

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On 10/3/2018 at 10:32 PM, Ricksneatstuff said:

I have the same mindset. I may do a journal after seeing this. Great books!!

I would love to see a journal of your books!  One of your rejects (Masked Marvel #2) will be soon be added to my top 50.  I just don't know which one to kick out. 

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The 1st book to be added:

Scan_20181012 (28).png


An easy choice on which one to cut:

Scan_20180906 (35).png


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