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My Top 50 (New books added on 05-04)

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My days of collecting anything and everything are over. After accumulating almost 100,000 comics (most of them worthless), I decided to strip my collection down to 50 comics. The 1st 30 keepers were pretty easy, but it got much harder as I got toward #50. This journal will document my "One in /One out" strategy of collecting from this day forward. I added scans of all 50 comics, so I can sift through my comics without having to get them out of safe storage.  I have new additions on the way, so I will share my thought process on each one I kick out. This is primairly for my amusement, but feel free to comment on the decisions that I make!


Scan_20180906 (8).png

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I need to make room for another Mile High, so I am letting go of this one.  It is really pretty for a comic in Fine, so I hate to kick it out. 

Scan_20180906 (22).png

I am very excited to add a Mile High, Matt Baker comic. 



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It has been a while, but I am back to add a few books and upgrade a couple others.

First off, I sold Batman #251 on ComicLink....

Scan_20180906 (25).png
To help pay for Batman #251!


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My one and only Disney Comic gets an upgrade!

Out Goes 8.5

Scan_20180906 (26).png

And in comes 9.4


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When I buy cool comics, I have to sell things I don't want to.  A sad goodbye to this...




I am still hoping to add a Captain America WWII cover, but until I find the right one, this will be a keeper


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I try to stick with higher grade books (Fine or Better), but this one initially made the cut anyway. It is time to let it go and replace it with a higher grade book.

Scan_20181120 (3).png

I had always wanted a high grade Flash comic with a cool hawkman cover.  This is one of my favorites.  I'm still in awe that I actually have one. 


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