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Some feedback please

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Hey ladies and gents,

   I've been trying to compile a list of the top 25 bronze age marvel books for myself as a small checklist. I was hoping to get some feedback if you feel I've omitted or forgotten something that should be on this list. Conversely if you feel there are books on here that shouldn't be please feel to offer your opinions and feedback. I've tried to stick to first appearances mostly and the order is how I remembered them not in order of importance. Thank you all very much, all the best!!!!







1- Hulk 181                                
2- Amazing Spiderman 129    
3- Giant Size X-Men 1
4- Marvel Spotlight 5
5- Werewolf By Night 32
6- Tomb of Dracula 10
7- X- Men 94
8- Hero For Hire 1 
9- Iron Man 55
10- X- Men 101
11- Ms. Marvel 1
12- Conan The Barbarian 1
13- Amazing Spiderman 121
14- Amazing Spiderman 122 
15- Marvel Premier 15
16- Iron Fist 14    
17- Amazing Adventures 11
18- Amazing Spiderman 194
19- Daredevil 131
20- Nova 1
21- Cat 1
22- Night Nurse 1
23- Hulk 141
24- Star Wars 1
25- Strange Tales 180

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Recommended Comments

Just for starters, I would add:

Amazing Spider-Man #101

Marvel Spotlight #2 

I would skip Hulk 141 and the Cat #1


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I would add X-Men #120 (First cameo of Alpha Flight) & #129 (First Kitty Pride, Emma Frost & Sabastian Shaw) two very love looked comics. A 3rd book I would add is Rom #1 as I feel this comic is going to become very sought after once Hasbro gets off their collective butts and allows a film to be made. 

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Nice list, you would have a great collection if you get all of them

Marvel Spotlight #32 - Spider-woman

Conan  23/24 - Red Sonja

Fear 10 - Manthing

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Is Cat 1, Night Nurse 1 ,and Hulk 141 even in the same category as the rest of these keys?

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Where's Hulk 180? I would defer to the other side of the fence at DC, and put Hos 92, GL 76, and possibly Batman 232 in that list.

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