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Wonder Woman #156



I combed through my Wonder Woman collection and found 6 books that all appeared to be VF/NM 9.0-ish & have confirmed I'm a terrible grader when it comes to older books.  Of the 6, one came back higher & fortunately for me, it is the one book I shelled out the most $ for, Wonder Woman #156.  

The other books included #137 (6.0), 161 (4.0) 177 (7.0), 179 (6.5) & 204 (7.5) - I'll have to review the grader notes, especially on #161, as all of these books looked so much better than the results.

The question I have for the community is...  When sending in books for grading and having some poor results, does 1 book make it all worth it?  When I look at this one, I have to say, it does!





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I guess it depends why you are getting them slabbed ...

My first CGC books were sold by a guy who was kinda bitter they didn't grade higher.  I feel like his bitterness infected his auction and I got em at a very nice price.  They are still great looking books and I'm glad to have them.

I have my first order in and I guess I'll be disappointed if they don't grade high, but it is what it is.  It seems to me that CGC makes a book easier to display and sell, and in the case of a high value book like yours, insure.  So maybe its worth it even when the books grade lower than expected?

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