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The Crimebusters #120 - a new comic continuing the Boy Comics legacy



So, I am working on my first comic book, and wanted to share the process with you guys here, especially since my series is a continuation of the Golden Age title Boy Comics. And lets by honest, the only people in the world who care about Boy Comics are here on these forums!

My series is called The Crimebusters. I'm picking up where Boy Comics #119 left off, so The Crimebusters #120 is set in the fall of 1956, with Chuck Chandler — aka Crimebuster — returning to Curtiss Tech for his junior year of college. Even in a sleepy small college town, though, trouble has a way of finding Chuck. Trouble with a capital T, that is, as Chuck is reluctantly forced to team up with girl reporter Trixie Trouble to solve the mysterious death of a beloved professor. So was it simply suicide, as the authorities claim? Or did the professor bring back more than rare artifacts from his recent trip to Peru... like an ancient curse?

The Crimebusters is my ode to classic teen detective stories, in the style of Scooby Doo, Archie's Weird Mysteries, and The Three Investigators. I'm drawing it in an Archie style, and the original Life with Archie series is another big influence on me. I the classic Golden Age tradition, this will be a stand alone story, though I hope to do more issues, with a broader mystery building in the background as the series progresses. For now, though, I'm just focusing on trying to make one comic book! 

Some of you may recall tat four years ago, I began work on a somewhat different version of Boy Comics #120, before ultimately giving up on it. A big part of that was the style - I was trying to emulate the style of the Golden Age crime comics, which just isn't really my thing as either a writer or an artist. This time, I am adopting a style that is more fun for me to work on, and, I hope, to read. 

I have also devised what I think is a more sustainable work flow than last time. At that time, I tred to complete each page before moving on to the next. This time, I am using a classic assembly line style, so I have plotted, laid out, and done full breakdowns for all 28 pages. I am now in the process of doing the line work for all 28 pages, and when I am done, I will then go over it again for an inking stage, then a dialogue stage, then a final edit stage. 

I expect the line work to take me through the first week in February. My hope is to have the book done by the end of March, do a Kickstarter launch in April, and then publish in May. But we'll see how it goes!

I'll be updating things here as I go, and you can also check things out over at my website: https://crimebustercomics.com/=


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