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A few bigger books...

Entry posted by Krydel4 · - 184 views

ASM 9 $300 4.5 LCBS

Fantastic Four 3 $665 3.5 Website

Flash 123 $400 3.5 LCBS

16642 remaining

95/250 Books

ASM 9 is slabbed so the pic is a little off. Haven't broken it out yet.


ASM 9.jpg

Fantastic Four 3~01.jpg

Flash 123~01.jpg

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I started using GPAnalysis a few days ago, it costs $11 each month, or $119 yearly. It tracks the sale price of each CGC issue over time, and shows current auctions too. I think it would be very useful in determining how much to budget for each book, at the highest affordable grade.

I'm really intrigued by this task you've undertaken, and wish you the best of luck. Don't forget to post in the Want To Buy thread (maybe you already have), it is a great resource.









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