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David Milner


March 10 2019


With C2E2 two weeks away and as of right now I am planning on dropping some books off to get graded and I am still trying to decide how many books I would like to get graded and what books to get graded. Maybe I would say that I would want all of them graded but I must pick and choose which ones I would prefer over others. Do i choose items that are going to go up in value over time due to movies/tv shows, do I choose ones that I like just because of the cover, or do I choose the issues that have the current highest value in my collection. Well I have 2 weeks to decide, good luck to me...


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A few years back I posted similar questions and the majority of my fellow collectors thought I should have sent in some pedigree comics I own. I ended up picking what would help my set completion and value comics. The pedigrees are mainly titles I could never finish due to length of runs. You'll do what's right for you. 

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