The Crimebusters #120 - sneak preview now available!



I'm excited to announce that you can now read a sneak preview of the first six pages on my website here!

I've also created a Facebook page if anyone is interested.

I'm going to be creating a mailing list too, but I haven't quite got that figured out yet. But if anyone wants to be put on it, the website has a "Contact Us" button you can hit to send me a message. I'll be streamlining this at some point.

Right now I am expecting to have the whole 30 page story completed in about 3 weeks. I have 9 pages done, and 21 left to add inking and shading to. I'm tentatively aiming for the first week of June to launch the Kickstarter, but we'll see — I'll definitely be announcing more about that as soon as it's solidified. 

I'm going to have two variant covers, but this is what the regular cover will look like (more or less - I may do some minor tweaks as we go):





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On 4/1/2019 at 10:05 PM, Cliff R. said:

The cover looks great, thanks for the preview too. 

For anyone who wants to know more about your inspiration for this project, many issues of Boy Comics can be read online here:

Boy Comics - Comic Book Plus




Thanks for the kind words!

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