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The Crimebusters #120 update: the art is finished!



Hello, friends! I am excited to share with you that the first issue of The Crimebusters is now done! Sure, I have a few things left — like a two page text piece, and the inside front cover — but the art is now complete for the 30 page story! I've been working on the art since October, so I am thrilled to finally finish it. My first comic! I can't wait to get a copy in my hands. 

I'm also looking forward to sharing it with everyone. Next week I'll be announcing the date when this will go live on Kickstarter. In the meantime, I've created a mailing list to make sure that whoever wants to know about what's happening with the comic can find out straight from the horse's mouth. 

If you want to join the mailing list, that's cool, if not, that's also cool. I will continue to update here as well, of course! But if you do want to join, here's the link to sign up. Thanks!




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