Archie Comics - UK Price Variants

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Archie Comics - UK Price Variants

Hello Reader :)

Here is a summary of the Archie UK Price Variants (UKPVs) that I have found hiding between the cover dates of March 1960 to August 1960.

UK Price Variants were printed in the USA at the same time as their cents priced headliners. They are not reprints. If you would like to know more about them, please click the picture below and you'll be magically transported to the discussion thread in which we talk about them:

       Pointer.png.09f883c1adafd20b6f14391af8eee02e.png.bfde7263b2a1b335e6391f3e4720dd66.png  1924121535_Archie(2).jpg.7727b9ba882a8adfbc7cfb400894a34f.jpg


Notes and Observations

  1. Archie UK Price Variants have been found to exist between the cover dates of March 1960 to August 1960 inclusive. Across those cover dates, a total of 54 cents priced comics exist spanning 16 titles. At the time of writing, 24 of them have a matching single printed price UKPV confirmed spanning 11 of the 16 overall titles.
  2. The first known Archie UKPV is, appropriately enough, Archie #108 priced at 9d. This book is currently the first and only known March 1960 cover dated UK Price Variant for any of the seven known pence producing US publishers (Archie, Charlton, DC, Dell, Gold Key, King, Marvel).
  3. The last known UKPV copies are Archie’s Pal Jughead #63 and Laugh #113, both cover dated August 1960 and also priced at 9d.
  4. Of the 16 titles in scope, the following 11 titles have one or more UK Price Variant confirmed (the eligible issue numbers are shown in brackets):
    1. Adventures of Pipsqueak (#37-39)
    2. Adventures of Super Duck (#90-92)
    3. Adventures of The Fly (#5-7)
    4. Archie (#108-112)
    5. Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica (#51-56)
    6. Archie's Joke Book Magazine (#45-48)
    7. Archie's Madhouse (#4-7)
    8. Archie's Pal Jughead (#58-63)
    9. Katy Keene Comics (#51-53)
    10. Laugh (#108-113)
    11. Pep (#138-140)
  5. At the time of writing, no UK Price Variants have been found for the remaining 5 eligible titles of (the eligible issue numbers are shown in brackets):
    1. Adventures of Little Archie (#14-15) - Giant 25c issues
    2. Archie's Pals 'n' Gals (#12-13) - Giant 25c issues
    3. Jughead's Fantasy (#1) - 10c US issue price
    4. Katy Keene Pin-Up Parade (#10-11) - Giant 25c issues
    5. Life with Archie (#3) - 10c US issue price
  6. As all UKPVs are priced at 9d, no pence copies are expected to exist for the three 25c priced ‘Giant’ titles. Pence copies may yet exist for the 10c priced Jughead’s Fantasy #1 and Life with Archie #3 however as they are in the same format as the other pence titles (no ‘oversize’ pence copies are known to exist e.g. double size, giant sized or annuals).
  7. The only difference between a pence priced UKPV and its cents priced equivalent is the cover price. Unlike, say, Marvel UKPVs, no other elements differ for Archie books and the indicias are the same in both editions. This is true of every copy I have found so far.
  8. Only one pence copy may turn out to exist for the three ‘adventure’ titles of Adventures of Pipsqueak, Adventures of Super Duck and Adventures of The Fly, each of which currently have only one UKPV each confirmed. Adventures of The Fly #6 has surfaced multiple times as a pence priced copy but no pence copies have ever been seen to date for issues #5 and 7.
  9. It is not currently known who was responsible for distributing Archie Comics in the UK but copies have been found to exist around the applicable dates with both ‘L Miller & Co’ and ‘Thorpe & Porter’ price stamps in evidence. Based on what I have seen to date, my money is on Miller.


Happy hunting, if you decide to build a set!


By Stephen Cranch based on v1.8 of the ‘Archie Comics – UK Price Variant Summary’








Here are eleven 9d cover examples - one from each known title :)


692732653_AdventuresofPipsqueak38(May1960)9d.thumb.jpg.38c7b7975f379903445c8a7d6a50ff15.jpg 224814345_AdventuresofSuperDuck91(June1960)9d.thumb.jpg.2836ba29be1c138f338cb6afb318bf1f.jpg 536804428_AdventuresofTheFly6(May1960)9d.thumb.jpg.f50ec18de569fc02efee98771fc7d82d.jpg

1587342527_Archie110(June1960)9d.thumb.jpg.a149390fd180ee09131f4730cd5277c6.jpg 839395349_ArchiesGirlsBettyandVeronica55(July1960)9d.thumb.jpg.ff1fafde1ffaa353462a4690d0b474d6.jpg 379037892_ArchiesJokeBookMagazine46(May1960)9d.thumb.jpg.a40eca47edbbd26686d9a8d2cae86d84.jpg

304721550_ArchiesMadHouse6(July1960)9dCopyA.thumb.jpg.7f1dbe34b251bb63d9c11ba640ef7dd0.jpg 1166415712_ArchiesPalJughead60(May1960)9d-CopyA.thumb.jpg.637cb4a1b120fbfe3c0abc0854cabc79.jpg 449996968_KatyKeeneComics53(July1960)9dCopyB.thumb.jpg.065b7c1f00f67f41438608b99e320acf.jpg

1994708301_Laugh109(April1960)9d.thumb.jpg.8f90957334bd3f10fbff86fa85e99d1e.jpg 3968680_Pep138(April1960)9d.thumb.jpg.fbd9231421ff460d6991f3fb4ecb266c.jpg

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