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Set up my profile and posted about grades.

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Well I set up my profile to start with. I also posted to find out to find out opinions about grading some of these books. I have The Mighty Captain Marvel Ross Variant (CGC 9.8), Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 (CGC 9.4), ASM #238 (CGC 7.5), ASM #252 (CGC 9.0), and ASM #300 (CGC 8.5). However, I do have two PGX Graded Books as well. I have ASM #62 (PGX 7.0) and ASM #121 (PGX 7.5). My wife and I also want to get Feedback on our Batman Adventures #12 and her two Comic Con Variants, Gotham City Sirens #1, Batgirl Adventures #1, and to also figure out if grading all her Harley Quinn #1's would be worth it. 

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Hello Gabbert :)

I saw you beavering away in the background there - welcome. The journals can be a bit of a graveyard, so try saying hello here...


...and you'll likely get a few more hello's and the like. Tell us a bit about what you like. Lots of helpful people here. 

Good luck and have fun (thumbsu


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