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oh my gosh im like all bamboozled with all these different types of comics and wow your silly to pay enormous amounts of cash to take that really good comic home with you. get a grip its only comics! only joking with you 😜 no really enjoying going through stacks of comics ive recently discovered in my loft. Ive posted a few images of my favourites so far, i need to categorise them quick before it gets all mushed up in my head, advice welcomed  on were to start apart from obvious marvel in one pile dc in other. lol. I'm having soo much fun right now nerdy or geeky I dont care.

catch up tomorrow going bed lol 


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Wow!  ...looks .. 'Gr-r-r-reat!

Thanks for sharing(!)  [,...and HAVING FUN]. 


Happy digging.


(Simply capture an image.  'Title' and 'Issue #'

AUGHT.. to do, then look up the details later.) 


G'''night... and SWEET DREAMS.  

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