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A Bad Idea Gone Wrong - Comedy, Drama, NowTV                                  Antwone Fisher - True story, Drama, NowTV

A Clockwork Orange - Crime, Drama, NowTV                                            Any Given Sunday - Drama, Sport, NowTV

A Crooked Somebody - Crime, Drama, NowTV                                          Apostle - Horror, Drama, Netflix 

A Mighty Heart - True Story, Drama, Netflix                                                Approaching the Unknown - Sci-fi, Drama, Netflix 

A Cure For Wellness - Drama, Horror, Netflix                                             Arena - Sci-fi, Netflix 

A Monster Calls - Drama, Fantasy, Netflix                                                  Armed Response - Action, Netflix 

A Family Man - Drama, Netflix                                                                    Armoured - Action, NowTV

A Most Violent Year - Drama, Netflix                                                          Assassins Creed - Action, Based upon Video Game, Netflix 

A Wrinkle in Time - Drama, Fantasy, NowTV                                             Atomic Blonde - Action, Based upon a Comic Book, NowTV

Accountant, The - Action, Amazon Prime                                                  Audrey Rose - Drama, Netflix 

Acts of Violence - Action, Drama, Netflix                                                   Awakenings - Drama, True Story, NowTV

Adventureland - Comedy, Drama, Netflix 

After Earth - Sci-fi, NowTV

Airheads - Comedy, NowTV

Alienator - Sci-fi, Action, Netflix 

Alive - True Story, NowTV

All is Lost - Drama, Action, Netflix 

All I See Is You - Drama, Netflix 

Allied - War time Drama, Netflix 

Alone in Berlin - Wartime Drama, Netflix 

All The Money in The World - True Story, NowTV

American Assassin - Action, Thriller, Netflix 

American Fable - Fantasy, Drama, Netflix 

American Hustle - Drama

American Made - Drama, NowTV

American Poltergeist - Horror, Netflix 

American Poltergeist 2 - Horror, Netflix 

American Satan - Drama, NowTV

American Ultra - Action, Comedy

American Violence - Drama, Netflix 

American Wrestler: The Wizard - Drama, NowTV

Amistad - Historical Drama, NowTV

Amnesia - Drama, Netflix 

An Actor Prepares - Comedy, Drama, NowTV

An Ordinary Man - Drama, NowTV

An Unfinished Life - Drama, Netflix 

Angelica - Horror, NowTV

Annabelle - Horror, NowTV

Annabelle: Creation - Horror, NowTV

Annihilation - Sci-Fi, Netflix 

Anon - Sci-fi, NowTV



Recommended Comments

Audrey Rose (1977)

Anthony Hopkins, Marsha Mason, John Beck

Directed by: Robert Wise (The Day The Earth Stood Still, The Desert Rats, The Haunting, The Andromeda Strain, Star Trek)

Platform: Netflix UK

IMDB: 5.8/10, RT: 47% Rotten

Synopsis: Beck and Mason are a rich couple living in Manhattan with their daughter Ivy, one day Hopkins shows up and seems to be stalking them. When they confront him he claims that their daughter is the reincarnation of his daughter Audrey Rose who died in a car accident at the same time that Ivy was born. Ivy has night terrors on her birthday and manifests burn marks on her hands, Hopkins is able to calm her down calling her Audrey Rose. Where do they go from here?

Verdict: And that’s the problem, this is a slow drama with no real elements of horror, it comes down to belief, Hopkins says yes and Beck says no. In the second act it descends into a highly unlikely court case, with Hopkins defence trying to prove reincarnation. It was interesting to see early Hopkins but “Magic” is a much better movie, I expected more from veteran director Robert Wise but it’s based on a novel by Frank De Felitta who also wrote the screenplay, personally I found it boring and pointless.


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Awakenings (1990)

Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Julie Kavner 

Directed by: Penny Marshall (Big,  A League of Their Own)

Platform: NowTV UK

IMDB: 7.8/10, RT: 88% Fresh

Synopsis: Originally developed by Steven Spielberg before handing it to Penny Marshall, it’s inspired by the non-fiction book of the same title by Oliver Sacks which recounts the life histories of those who had been victims of the 1920s encephalitis lethargica epidemic, Sacks chronicles his efforts in the late 60s to help these patients with the use of a new drug L-DOPA.

Verdict: Williams plays a Doctor (based on Sacks) who encounters these catatonic patients one of which is De Niro, he starts to see a link between them and wonders if a new drug L-DOPA may have an affect and pull them back to life. It’s a story with real heart and two great performances by Williams and De Niro. Recommended!


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