Amazing Spider-Man #1: Mar 1963: Tied for 1st ever Marvel Cross-Over

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This Spider-Man / Fantastic Four cross-over is tied with Fantastic Four #12 (Hulk / Fantastic Four) for the honor of being the first ever Marvel cross-over.  This comic looks decent but has a carefully hidden flaw.  Someone very carefully removed the last ad page.  (That, or someone originally ripped the thing out and someone later worked really hard to hide it.)  Fella that sold it to me did not bother to mention it but did not seem all that surprised when I pointed it out to him.  Oh, well.  Probably the only way I could afford one.  Story is complete, that is what really counts.

All of the Amazing Spider-Man / Fantastic Four cross-overs I have are scanned front and back on my website.  Certainly not all of them but a few early issues, including Annual #1:



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