Marvel Value Stamp Books: 1974-76: Series A & B

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Ever wonder how many Bronze-age comic books were cut-up and sacrificed to fill these stamp books?  Thousands, no doubt.  Series A was the famous Hulk killer since all of the Wolverine intro issues #180 (Cyclops stamp), #181 (Shanna stamp), and #182 (Golem stamp) were on the hit list.  According to the resource listed at bottom, the Shanna stamp in this book came from Astonishing Tales #23 and not Incredible Hulk #181 (The Cheetah's back right leg was drawn in for that issue but not the Hulk issue).  Since I did not personally complete these books, I have decided to take the high road and pretend that the Cyclops stamp and the Golem stamp were also cut out of non-Hulk comics.  I believe each stamp could be found in more than one title.  I also have some sort of poster associated with this promotion but I have not dug that one out yet.  Might post that when I find it.

I tossed in a few images here but I do have each page of a blank Series A, completed Series A, and completed Series B scanned on my very early stages FF website (below).   I also tossed in a link to a pretty comprehensive resource on the stamp books if you want to dig deeper (below below).







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