18 People Want to Live



1 of them is pretending that they do not care...

As always: Reader beware. This journal will be full of inane, irrelevant, and flat-out bizarre thoughts.

It was December 2015. My co-worker and acquaintance lent me $2k to buy a set of The Dark Knight Returns graded by CGC and signed by both Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. I discovered graded comics about 6 months beforehand. Why would he lend me the money - you might ask. Well, over the course of about 18 months we worked closely together. You see, he was the supplier engineer in charge of release analysis, and I was the only designer that performed the releases. We're also both collectors. He's a dusty old fart who collects stamps, and at the time, I was only collecting playing cards. We talked a lot about our eBay experiences, shenanigans, and finds.

Why The Dark Knight Returns? Well, for me, it's the most-notable Batman story. It was also being written into Zack Snyder's/Worlds of DC's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. You could call it a n00b spec drek buy, but, I bought 'em fully expecting to die with them. No "investment" considered. After my months of investigating and studying CGC - I came to the conclusion that I don't much care for the Universal products. Buying something certified as touched by its creators, though - well, that appealed to me greatly.

I've thought about selling them, though. I need a foregrip/bipod for my AR, a Sig Juliet3, and I want an M1911. I just got my Sig Sauer M18 last weekend and have been too poor to get ammo or go to the range. It's the last weekday of the month, though, so gettin' paid, gettin' trades, and going to shoot some targets like I'm 'made'.


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