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The third act in the Death and Return of Superman saga. Beginning in the final pages Adventures of Superman #500 (June, 1993) under the teaser "first sighting," four men appear bearing the Superman emblem. Actually, three men and one boy appear.


Each creative team on the four Superman titles had their own ideas on how Superman could return. The editorial decision at the time was to use all four ideas, with four very different Supermen appearing in Metropolis. 



                             The Last Son of Krypton               The Man of Steel                   The Man of Tomorrow                       The Boy


These 'REIGN' books are a pain to collect in 9.8, eBay auctions can end with a bargain or a pricey bidding war. They are also all over the Bay and My Comic Shop with pricey BINs.


My collection thus far:




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At last!


The ‘Reign’ section of my set needed some serious lovin’. 

I’m really pleased with this piece, a great cover and a very solid 9.8. This book has been difficult to track down, there have been several 9.8 examples of this book on eBay and but they were always listed above $100. My patience paid off when this book was finally listed on eBay as a regular auction, with a starting bid of $0.99 and an ending bid of less than $50.

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I remember seeing this watch in a department store display case as a kid, it was before I started collecting comic books, which would have been sometime in '93 when I saw it. I heard about the death of Superman and the watch had me curious, this was the first seed planted.



Oh no! There are coin variations!

Superman Watch Fossil The Reign of Supermen Limited Edition W ...

 MIB! 1993 Fossil limited edition watch "Reign Of The Supermen ...

I also saw this, listed as unreleased, I would have loved to have had this as a kid.



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1 minute ago, Iconic1s said:

Congrats!  Love that cover!  Always thought that Supergirls’s pose was reminiscent of Superman’s on the cover of Superman 1.

Thank you, this is actually my second 9.8 of this book. I got my first one eight years ago really cheap, then I sold it a few years later on the boards along with a 9.8 AOS #500, which I got for only $24.99. I made a big purchase and I figured theses cheapie books would be easy to get again.

Well, now a days AOS #500 regular edition goes for at least $90 in 9.8. I regret that decision now, as I had both books in 9.8 holders for less than $50... :tonofbricks:

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