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Ongoing Adventures ...

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It's been almost three years since I completed my set of 33 DC Bicentennial Comics but I wanted a challenge and a better set, all CGC 9.8 with White Pages.

Just before I got the last comic for the set, I was able to swap out a couple of issues with newer CGC 9.8 WP (Detective Comics and Justice League Of America). And, after completing the set, I was able to pick up four more CGC 9.8 comics (Claw, Our Fighting Forces, Richard Dragon, and Our Army At War).

The net result is six more CGC 9.8 comics, albeit one at OW/WP quality and +505 points for the set (I finally broke the 3,000 mark!) My total is now 16 x 9.8s, 6 x 9.6s, 7 x 9.4s, 1 x 9.2, and 3 x 9.0s :bigsmile:

There are two CGC 9.8 issues listed on eBay that I would love to get but the sellers are asking way too much so I'll just have to wait.


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