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Buckeye Comic Con is on!



Just wanted to mention I received an email from Jeff Harper that the July 19th Buckeye Comic Con ( Columbus, Ohio) is still on. He did say bring a mask. He also mentioned that the Akron-Canton Con which is another of his shows on July 12th  is cancelled. I posted a picture of two recent pick ups. A Journey into Mystery 103 and a Thor 191.  The 103 completes my JIM CGC set . The Thor 191 was a recent online dealer purchase I have been watching for like a year. I decided to buy it after I saw a same graded copy sell for $308 from an actual live bidding auction online. The listed price was $175 on the site I had been watching.  Usually auctions are better but sometimes they are not.





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This is wonderful‼️ Our country needs to open up an get back to normal‼️‼️

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You are correct sir. It should be normal not the new abnormal.

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