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Maybe I'm collecting the wrong comic books



Lady Death (1994-1995)

There are 5 people tied for 4th place which is interesting since all of them don't have a single comic book entered. I'm at #2 and that's entering 3 comics. I actually got second place when I put in my first comic that was graded 9.9.

I never really got too involved with the registry stuff until I started making my "ultimate" 1971 proof coin set. First place is out of the question since you need a 1971 proof Ultra Cameo Eisenhower dollar graded at 70, and there are only 2 ever graded so high, and they are from PCGS, and one sold on auction for $13K. I was happy my wife allowed me to go as high as $3K. Sorry, but I don't have 13K for a coin, comic or other.



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